Gunshot Cowboy

Gunshot Cowboy Game
You certainly watched plenty of cowboys movies and surely you wanted to be a cowboy at least once in your life. In this shooting Gunshot Cowboy game you can be exactly that, a Cowboy which task is to kill the bandits. You can ride a horse while shooting the bandits that will also be well armed and Indians that will chase you on their horses using their tradition weapon, bow and arrow. Your weapon will be revolver because that is a main Cowboy weapon. Gunshot Cowboy is an online shooting game where you can test your shooting skills and your precision while riding a horse deep in the hot and dangerous deserts of Texas. You will experience real atmosphere of the Cowboy’s life in the Wild Texas in this unblocked shooting Cowboy game.
This game don’t need installation or registration, it’s completely safe to play and you can can play it at school or work at any time. You can also choose to play as a girl cowboy or boy cowboy, the choice is yours. Explore Wild Texas, collect bounties, kill bad guys, kill Indians, bandits and experience the revolver drawing game in which you need to be faster than your enemy in order to win and survive that revolver fight. Gunshot Cowboy game is created so you can experience all that was once a ordinary life of a cowboy in old Wild West that was full of bandits and cowboys ready to shoot you on site.
Cowboy shooting the Bandit and Indians at Wild West
How To Play Gunshot Cowboy Game
Each level you will start by riding a horse while holding your revolver in your hand and your task will be to kill all enemies that will attack you from different sides, other cowboys, bandits and Indians. Some of them will also ride a horse and others will be behind the cover, waiting to surprise you, so you need to react fast and to shoot them the moment you see them. Once you choose your character you will see a map of Wild Texas and places that you need to visit in order to kill the bad guys. You will start your adventure in the Rock Creek moving to Vandelay, Nostrand, Wood-tick, Dead man’s Gulch and the final place, Eastwood.
From time to time you will find boxes of new weapons like shotgun and boxes of health that can restore your health bar. In order to pick those boxes you need to shoot them. The stronger the weapon, bigger the chance to kill more enemies in one bullet so try to pick them up the moment you see them. Each level will be new challenge for you because your main task will be to kill certain person in order to get a reward and to move to the next level. Prove how good cowboy you are in this challenging shooting game, reach the end of the game while being alive.
Points in Game
For each person that you kill you will gain certain number of points, the maximum number of points you will get if you shoot enemy in the head. You can also shoot birds, you will get 50 points for bird but you need to react fast because birds are flying really fast. If you find yourself in really hard situation, being surrounded by enemies you can activate Red Eye and in that way you will slow the time which will give you more time to kill enemies that are around you, but use that power wisely and only when it is necessary.
You can also shoot a box of TNT and in that way blow up the enemies that are close to it. On the top of your screen you will see the weapon that you are using, your health bar and your score, keep an eye on your health bar and the Red Eye bar in order to know when you can use it. When you reach your destination, meaning that you completed the level, you will see a scoreboard where you can see how many enemies you killed and full amount of your score.
Your mission will be different and you will have two choices, for example to bring a certain bandit dead or alive for certain amount of money, which means that you will play a revolver drawing game in which the person who draw it’s revolver faster than the other, wins, so you will need to be fast but also precise, but be careful, if you shoot too soon, you will lose. In order to kill your opponent you will need to shoot him three times. If you win you will be rewarded. Each place in Texas have their own bad guy that you need to eliminate in order to progress in the game so give your best and collect those bounties.
The places of Leone Valley in Texas that you need to visit and complete in order to beat the game
Conclusion For Gunshot Cowboy Game
If you love Cowboys shooting games where you can ride a horse, explore Wild Texas, play a revolver drawing game and collect bounties then this is perfect shooting game for you. Prove how good shooter you are and how fast you can draw your revolver, kill Indians, other cowboys, bandits and beat this challenging and exciting game! You can also play with your friends. You can compete with each other in revolver drawing game where precision and good timing is everything.
If you are looking for exciting, challenging and good quality shooting game that will fulfill your time with fun then you are at the right place. Prepare yourself for one of the best Cowboy shooting game that will delight you. Shoot to kill, aim always at the head of your opponents in order to kill them faster and earn maximum number of points. Good luck and have fun playing this unblocked online shooting game.
Shooting bandits at night in Wild West while riding a horse and jumping over the hole
Use mouse to aim and to shoot.
Press and hold Spacebar to activate Red Eye.

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